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Chop Box makes ordering Fresh Quality Meat direct to your door easy, affordable, & sustainable. No subscription is required, which allows you the flexibility to order what you want, when you want it!

Our expert curators have developed partnerships with exclusive suppliers and sampled thousands of products offering you the highest quality options to fit any budget. We offer everything from top of the line prime and dry-aged steaks to delicious, more affordable all-natural options that have many desirable attributes.

Our butchers hand-craft each piece giving you a first-class eating experience with every order. Our products don’t spend days on a shelf or weeks in a freezer degrading the quality. Chop Box products are cut to order shortly after checkout and shipped fresh directly to you.

Our mission is to educate you on what you are eating and provide you with the best meat you’ll ever eat. 

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Shop All-Natural Beef

All-Natural Beef

Our selection of All-Natural products offer you a unique eating experience compared to conventional beef. "All-Natural" means no hormones are added. The Chop Box all-natural product has strict requirements allowing for a consistent eating experience with high Vitamin B, Zinc & Iron content. The 100% vegetarian diet consisting of high-energy grains provides you with a flavorful product that is juicy and tender.

All-Natural Beef

  • No Hormones Added
  • 100% Vegetarian Fed
  • Younger Harvest Age

Shop Premium Beef

Premium Beef

Our Premium beef product line is sourced from the highest quality cattle, well-fed, great genetics, consistent fat to muscle ratio that generates the perfect balance on the pallet. These products are generally served in high end restaurants and hotels around the world but you now have the opportunity to experience that same quality right at home!

Premium Dry-Aged Beef

  • Upper 2/3's Choice grade
  • Aged for 28 days in our dry-aging facility with Cedar wood and Himalayan salt
  • Meticulously selected cuts
  • Concentrated flavor, incredibly tender
  • American & Canadian cattle

Premium USDA Prime

  • The highest quality grade the government recognizes for a cut of meat
  • Great genetics
  • High-tech, comprehensive testing systems ensure consistent quality

Shop All-Natural Pork

All-Natural Heritage Pork

When it comes to protein a lot of what makes a product superior is the breed. This is why we only source Duroc breed pork, which is recognized as one of the highest quality heritage breeds. When you taste heritage breed pork you know you’re eating an exceptional product. Chop Box’s Duroc breed specifically offers you a rich flavor, remarkable tenderness, bright reddish pink color. All of these traits combine to deliver a tastier eating profile with a lower bite resistance. 

All-Natural Heritage

  • Premium Heritage Duroc Breed
  • Superior marbling & juiciness
  • High in Vitamin D
  • High intramuscular fat
  • High pH level

    Shop Antibiotic Free Chicken

    Antibiotic Free Chicken

    Chop Box’s antibiotic free chicken provides you with a high amount of Omega-3's due to the diet of the chickens. With a core focus on flaxseed instead of corn & soybean those nutrients carry through to your plate. This provides you with lower cholesterol than conventional chicken. Whether you’re roasting a whole chicken, grilling some breasts, smoking some drumsticks or slow roasting some thighs you can count on every bite of our chicken being succulent and delicious.

    Antibiotic Free Chicken

    • All-Natural
    • No antibiotics ever
    • Humanely raised on family farms (HFAC certified)
    • 100% vegetarian diet
    • No growth hormones
    • Certified gluten free

    Shop All-Natural Lamb

    All-Natural Lamb

    The Lamb we offer roamed and grazed the beautiful Colorado landscape. Allowing the lamb to forage in a natural environment builds up its muscle complex offering you a delectable eating experience. Colorado is known to offer the best lamb in the world due to climate, access to feed and history of breeding consistent high quality lambs. Alternatives from Australia & New Zealand don’t have the lineage that Colorado offers. Our product is USDA Choice and Halal-certified. When eating Colorado lamb you’re not just eating a great product you're experiencing generations of farmers perfecting their craft.

    All-Natural Lamb

    • USDA Choice
    • All-Natural
    • Halal-certified
    • Raised in Colorado

    Shop Grain-Fed Veal

    Grain-Fed Veal

    When you talk about veal you want to check two important boxes. The first is ensuring that the animal was humanely-raised and the second is the animal is fed a natural diet. Chop Box’s veal follows strict animal welfare codes where the calves are raised in a group (not individual crates), with natural sunlight, plenty of air circulation in a temperature controlled room. They are fed a natural diet, rich in minerals that consists of corn, whole grains, milk formula and fresh water. Grain-fed veal offers you more iron and other minerals that enhance the overall flavor of the product.

    Grain-Fed Veal

    • All-Natural Grain Diet
    • Humanely Raised
    • No Added Hormones
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