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Why Fresh?

At Chop Box we take pride in our meat and the experience our customers have while eating it. That is why we ship your product Fresh instead of frozen. This gives you the flexibility to either freeze your product in it's most optimal state for future enjoyment, savor your product that day in it's freshest form, or keep refrigerated to devour later in the week at your convenience. 

When ordering an already-frozen product directly to your door you run the risk of reducing the quality of your meat due to some thawing that takes place during transit. If you decide to put that semi-thawed piece of meat back into the freezer the soluble salts can be released. Those salts could affect the proteins leading to a dry & tough eating experience. That is why Chop Box offers you fresh only! 

Many people are too busy to consider what they want for dinner more than a couple of hours before dinner time. Fresh meat from Chop Box not only takes the guesswork out of meat quality, it also offers you the freedom to enjoy the highest quality meat at your leisure.

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