Daniele Delizia Variety Pack, 6oz

Daniele Delizia Variety Pack, 6oz


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This gourmet deli selection package includes:

  • Calabrese Salame - this Salame is a feast of color, aroma and taste! 
  • Del Duca Proscuitto - this proscuitto is prepared using the ancient European tradition of dry-curing, making for a truly mouth-watering experience. After applying sea salt, the proscuittos are aged for a minimum of nine months. The experts at Daniele inspect each proscuitto individually to determine when they have reached perfection. The process is lengthy but it ensures that every slice has a consistently sweet -never salty- flavor. 
  • Capocollo - This Capocollo is from the finest cut of pork, the solid muscle between the head ("capo") and the shoulder ("collo"). It is cured with just the right amount of seasoning and hung to age for up to 4 months.

This product is made in Rhode Island by Daniele Foods.


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