Danish Fontina Cheese, 8oz

Danish Fontina Cheese, 8oz


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King’s Choice® Fontina cheese has a mild, milky but still tangy flavor that makes it an excellent choice for a wide array of entrees, side dishes and snacks. This Danish cows’ milk cheese is a softer, sweeter, nuttier version of the original Italian Fontina, which is far more intense and pungent. King’s Choice® Fontina cheese has a smooth, springy texture which easily melts into a delicious fondue or pasta sauce — or just slice and serve with a crusty artisan bread!

  • Serve with fruit and bread for a quick and easy breakfast
  • Use in pasta and risotto dishes
  • Slice and serve on a hearty artisan bread with tomatoes and basil
  • Makes a fabulously creamy Alfredo sauce

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