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NY Strip End Cut, Elite Prime, 8oz


About This Cut

  • The end cut is the same flavor and texture of the NY Strip, but it can have more connective tissue throughout the meat making it a bit tougher. However, it is a great chance to try a delicious Elite steak at a better price.

About Our Elite Prime Beef

  • Top 1/3 of USDA Prime
  • Purebred cattle, born and raised in the US
  • High consistency, thick steaks
  • Unbelievable tenderness, juiciness & flavor
  • Aged for at least 21 days
  • Hand-cut by our artisan butchers

      Shipping Information

      Where do you ship and how much does it cost?

      For deliveries to the Northeast (excluding New Hampshire & Maine) shipping is $9.99 and FREE on orders over $150.

      For deliveries outside of the Northeast shipping ranges from $29.99-$39.99 based on the order size.

      When will you get your delivery?

      Packaging Information

      You order is carefully packed with a thick 1.5" insulation and dry ice. Most orders are delivered in 1 day transit, however, we package them to last up to 72 hours in most conditions*. 

      The box and insulation are fully curbside recyclable..

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      *Items may partially thaw in shipment but should arrive cold—below 40°F as measured with a food thermometer—if not solid frozen. As per the USDA Freezing and Food Safety Guidelines — meats that are refrigerator cold, partly frozen (solid), or frozen can be placed into the freezer for later use.

      Thawing Instructions

      BEST WAY (Recommended) 

      Our recommendation is to thaw in a pan or tray to catch any possible leaks. Defrost in the refrigerator prior to cooking. Meat, poultry, and seafood can be thawed in their packaging. It should take no longer than a day to fully thaw one pound of meat; larger cuts of meat will take longer. Most seafood can defrost in as little as 12 hours. 

      FAST WAY 

      Need to quick thaw — vacuum sealed products should be placed in cold water for 30 to 60 minutes. We suggest using a waterproof package or bag to keep water out. In cold tap water submerge the sealed bag, changing the water every 30 minutes as it continues to thaw. Smaller packages of seafood/meat will typically thaw in an hour or less. Larger pieces can take several hours.